You are (1)This is a sanctuary, though small. And God knows… we all need someplace to go.

We hope that this site, our writings here, and even our courses to come, will bring you peace – will bring you to a new hope that you have been missing recently. You may even have been looking for a safe place for years.

The very term “sanctuary” has been used for over a thousand years to represent a place of refuge – a safe haven, sometimes for the oppressed, for the displaced, for runaways, and even for criminals.

So, we welcome you – no matter who you are or what you’ve done. Spend time here in safety. Join us in living a full life.

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the power of pause home

A Good Theme


Painful Pausing

Pause with Four Principles


Silence by the Seaside

Out of My Hands

do you feel alone_(1)

Loneliness: It’s All of Us

Loneliness: The Problem, the Paradoxical Virus, and a Cure

Loneliness: Finding the “Inner” Person

Loneliness: Finding the “Upper” Person

Loneliness: Finding Meaning in What you Do

Loneliness: For the In-Between

Understanding Loneliness in All People

Loneliness: Helping Others, Helping Yourself

Loneliness: Finding the “Upper” Person

Final Thoughts on an Un-Final Topic

Loneliness & Binge-Eating

Loneliness VS. Depression : The Tug-Of-War

Loneliness & Grief




Binge Eating Disorder

Disordered Eating

Binging & Eating Struggles

Food Forgiveness

The Importance of Food

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Fungi & a Fun Guy

The Time a Hedgehog…

Reality of Fairy Tales

21 Ways My Husband Loves Me

Sir Ashley Hillary & Her Husband’s Laughter

do you feel alone_ (3)

11 Confessions of Living with Invisible Illness

Loneliness & Binge-Eating

The Skin You’re In: Body Type, Image, & Ideal

Caring For Me

10 Reasons to Say No to Sugar

The Importance of Food

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Detox: Antibacterial “Throw-Down” Cabbage Soup

The Auckland Food Show 2016

Lemon & Oat Trifle Pile

Chocolate Trifle Pile (including Chocolate Cake in a Mug!)

The Art of Tea: Tea Types & Benefits

do you soul power

Count Your Blessings

Art of Friendship

do you feel alone_

I’m Too ___________.

I Can’t Control my Emotions.

Life is Too Hard.

I Can’t be Forgiven.


No Sugar September

The “No Sugar September” Preparation Guide & Toolkit

10 Reasons to Say No to Sugar

The Taste of Victory

Love, Sugar, & Lifestyle