Caring for Me


Today, I want to write about something very important – an art that I have not mastered – a mountain that may take me the rest of my life to conquer. Everyone has their vice. Their kryptonite. The thorn in their side. The one ring. Mine happens to be taking care of myself. I’m not good at it. I try and try, sometimes succeeding, but failing as well.

One of my personal goals in doing this blog is to help people learn to take care of themselves. In so doing, I hope to take better care of myself. And I hope to find answers along the way.

Why is this important? Why do we have to love ourselves and do ourselves no harm?

www-alittlesanctuary-orgI don’t know. But, I’m on a quest to find out. I’m trying to find the balance between Jesus’ command to “deny yourself daily” and believing that my body is “a temple”. I believe both to be true. They cannot be separate. Still, no “aha!” moment has come.

Yeah, I have some ideas that I’m working out. But, there’s something inside me that can’t quite get to the root of it. I will search until I figure it out, and then I think I will have discovered something extraordinary.

In the Harry Potter series, Harry is almost always questioning Dumbledore’s way of teaching him how to defeat evil. This relationship reminds me of how we come to God – questioning him as to why he doesn’t just give us the answer. If we knew how to do life and how to succeed, it would all just be better. Instead of merely telling Harry the steps he needs to take, Dumbledore gives him a path. He gives him clues. He lets Harry see parts of the plan, but he never shows him the whole picture. Harry is a better person for this because he experiences, learns, and grows along the way – in his own time. I see God working in something of the same way. He leads us along the path, shows us pieces, makes sure we have help when we need it, and is always available when we need him the most.

I struggle along this path, but I have peace in the struggle. I will continue to make progress along the path – progress by learning to care for myself – by choosing to believe what the Bible says about people. That we are God’s creation. That we are God’s children, “holy and dearly loved”. And so I do what I can in the meantime. And I practice. Here are some steps I have taken, some I’m wanting to take, and some other steps that I’m trying to take.


1)      Eat. Three meals a day. Protein, fruits, vegetables, and favourite foods.

2)      Drink. Enough Water. Relaxing hot tea.

3)      Sleep. When I need to, whether someone else needs me or not.

4)      Relax. Take a hot bath. Read a book. Colour a picture.

5)      Enjoy. Enjoy life, nature, & love.

6)      Poison-Free. Cut out refined sugar. Consume good things, not bad.

7)      Commune. Be with people. Have friendships, groups, & family.

8)      Love. Allow myself to be loved, and continue loving others – but not at my own expense.

9)      Truth. Refuse Lies. Believe the truth.

What is your journey right now? On what path are you being led? Find peace along the way and trust that you will find what you need to know in the end.

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