Christmas Eve & The Miracle Fern

STORYINGCHRISTMASmiraclefernIt’s Christmas Eve and I have been in the kitchen all day baking! How about you? Are you ready for Christmas Day?

We’ve talked a lot about how God is with us – that He came down as a baby boy to walk on earth beside us. And, as I was thinking and praying about what to write to wrap up our Christmas posts, I was even more astounded by the idea that God desires so badly to be with us. God loves us so very, very much.

The Creator of the universe is completely smitten with us. He delights in us. He loves us so much that he sent Jesus, Emmanuel. He adores us so much that he chose to walk among us.

And he loves us so much that he walks among us still.

Our series is called “Storying Christmas”, and we’ve been focusing on themes. Today, I’d like to tell you a true story to end our series:

Yesterday, I was out on our balcony. We live in a six-level house with two other people – and our room is in the very middle. It opens out to a balcony, which looks out onto our weed-infested yard. There are dark green vines climbing up our native trees, giant fennels climbing skyward, and three varieties of flowering purple weeds. It’s not a pretty sight if you know the different between native plants and plants that kill natives.

Our balcony has been sorely neglected in the past few months – just because I’ve been sick. My flowers have mostly died and my poor little succulents don’t look so good. You’re not supposed to be able to kill succulents… but succulents had never met ME before!

Like you, I was very busy yesterday! We were going back and forth between our house and the house we will be housesitting at for three weeks. I was carrying back and forth Christmas presents, Christmas crafts, all of our Christmas baking ingredients, my Kitchen-Aid, and on and on. I was checking in on the dog at this house and also helping my husband get some things done.

I found myself just swamped with busy-ness.

I’ve been losing comfort and joy to chaos and stress.

But, for some reason, I started working on the balcony. I don’t know why. There were many, many other things to do. I just started watering the dying flowers… then I began to cut dead bits off my succulents… then I began to re-pot.

I drilled some holes into a tin container from The Hospice Shop. I put in the dried up soil from pots the succulents had been in.

Soil. I needed more soil.

Luckily, I had some soil left in my cactus mix. This mix had been sitting on the deck for about a year and a half because – well – I don’t really know why. I’m not a very tidy person. 🙂

So I started to pour out this soil. It was dark brown and moist – so different from the dried-up, dead-brown coloured dirt that covered the bottom of the tin now. Next to each other, they looked like completely different kinds of dirt. But they had come from the same place once upon a time.

Suddenly, as I pour, clumps of moss appear. I reach in to the bag and pull out some little pieces of green. I think, Whoa. Those weeds even got into this closed-up soil bag! Our backyard is horrible!

But then I pull out a big piece of green life with my hand. There, growing in a dark, forgotten plastic bag, was a beautiful fern – full of life, healthy and happy.

I’m reminded of how Jesus fills us up. He gives us life. He is the Living Water. He cares for us when we are “dried up”. In our dark times, his Word and his love help us to not only survive, but to thrive.

I’m also reminded of how two thousand years ago, an angel came to Mary. And then, in the most unexpected place of all, a king was born.

In the darkness of this world that was dead and dying, Jesus showed up. And he came to save us.

He is beautiful and perfect. He is our miracle.

Mark helped me pot what I like to call the miracle fern. We’ll keep it nice and watered, in a dark place where it can thrive and help me remember that Jesus shows up in the dark times. He showed up in the times of light, too. Because he is “God with Us” – and he is with us all the time. He heals us and he mends us. He loves us and he adores us.

Merry Christmas, readers.

May you be blessed with the realization that God walking on earth is a miracle.

And may you always know that God is with you, and that he loves you.




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