In the beginning…

And… We’re live!

Wow, I am so pumped for this blog! It’s been a life-long dream of mine to have a consistent writing platform, and one that I have been afraid to pursue since 4th grade. I’ve dabbled in travel blogs in the past, first with, and then combined the idea of that blog with a slightly more regular blog A book was self-published based on the first blog, and, I’m told often, has been a source of help and hope to all who have read it. It’s sold at my favourite café of all – Martus JahveHaus and Book Store of Saint Jo, Texas – and has just come out as an ebook here.


Five years ago, when my best friend and I began to dream of one day owning a café big enough to hold women’s help and health classes, being a shoulder for women through some of the daily struggles we have met up with from childhood and continuing on today, I knew that there would be a time in the near future where we would need to take action – move forward with our dreams and create a reality. We want this blog to be a beginning to that dream. When we come together with our problems, we create a sense of community that was intended from the beginning of time. We all, everyone, need each other. None of us are perfect, though we like to pretend that we are. Imperfection, I believe, is what makes us human – likeable. That’s why we flock to the theatres for films like Napoleon Dynamite and High School Musical.(haha, or I did, at least). It’s why we enjoy shows like Jimmy Fallon, Ellen, and Saturday Night Live (where people are made fun of and we see our celebrities pranked or made to dress up silly) and, it’s even why YouTube is one of the top places we turn for a break. We like to watch imperfect people – people making mistakes, walking into windows, saying stupid stuff. Everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence – the actress who can’t seem to walk without falling over. We love people who do not come across as perfect, but as human, over those that have it all together. Yes, we admire those people. But we can’t relate.

This blog is written by humans for humans. I don’t know much, but I do know that I am imperfect and that I can use what I’ve learned in my bad moments to ease the pain that you may find yourself feeling.

I, and some occasional guest writers, will be based out of Auckland, New Zealand.

In the first few weeks, we’ll be posting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday covering issues from loneliness, wife life, positive thinking, some recipes (in fact, we already have one up) and even some crazy funny things that we see every day. Like, today, I walked by a tree that looked like an octopus eating a banana. What?!

We’ll cover health (we’ve heaps of experience in fatigue, food sensitivities/allergies, depression, anxiety, exercising slow, plus we’re the best cooks in the world – sometimes) as well as helping you with your mental state (again, positive thinking, being with others, laughing, etc), and, most importantly, we’ll write about the spiritual aspects of life – finding peace within.

Check us out on Facebook here and on Instagram here, and we’ll see how you and I can grow – body, mind, and soul.

Thanks for spending time with us today. See you soon.


Ashley Ruth

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  1. Ashley, thank you very much for inviting me in. I appreciate everything you said and feel this will be one of my favorite places to be. I applaud you for stepping out in courage for others. Your friend,

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