Lemon & Oat Trifle Pile

It’s time for another Trifle Pile!!!

Mmmmmmmm… I love this one – Lemon & Oat Trifle Pile, that is. Just some lemony yogurt and some wholesome oats. Sounds like a pretty good dessert breakfast! Who needs pancakes, anyway…?

I take that back. Pancakes are really good.

One of Mark’s family people gave us this “lemon honey” for Christmas – homemade! I want to know how to make it, but I believe that adding lemon to honey might be part of it? It tastes like lemon curd. But it has to be a litttttle more healthy.

Chocolatetrifle pile (2)

Optional: If you don’t want to use honey, then just squeeze a lemon in your yogurt and add some coconut sugar. Mix it fast.


2 spoonfuls lemon honey

1 cup natural, unsweetened Greek yogurt

Gluten-free oats

Coconut sugar, as needed


Just mix together your honey and yogurt. Mix it well so you don’t get that nasty natural taste unexpectedly. Ugh. That’s the worst. Taste it and decide if you need some coconut sugar. If not, then just layer it in a small trifle dish or in a clear water glass. I like my solids on the bottom, so, oats then lemon yogurt, then oats, then lemon yogurt. Ain’t nothing better.

Garnish the top with lemon for aesthetic purposes and enjoy!


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