March Man-Ness: The Month for Men

James & CatherineHere at A Little Sanctuary, we tend to focus on women and the feminine. This isn’t really for any one particular reason other than, well, I am a girl. So my experience is quite limited. I mean, I really like to help everyone. One of my greatest fears in life is that I will make someone feel left out. This goes all the way back to my kindergarten years when I invited all my little classmates to my birthday party when I was only allowed to bring about three and then I had to un-invite them all and it was very sad. I digress. We want to be a refuge for everyone, men and women. And hopefully everyone can benefit from our posts. But this month, it’s all about men.

This is your time.

We will have some male guest writers as well as some quotes from the world’s greatest men. We’ll tackle real masculinity and we’ll talk about what it looks like to be a good father, husband, brother, and friend.

What makes a good man? What does a good man look like?

Because Charlie Brown isn’t the only good man in this world. You’re probably a good man, too.

Stay tuned here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this month! We’ll see you soon.

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