Resolve Well: Body, Mind, & Soul 2018

We get 365 fresh starts a year. But there is one BIG fresh start – New Year’s Resolutions! After you’ve said goodbye to 2017, it’s time to set your resolutions for 2018!


Fresh starts are such a blessing to humanity. Neither every day nor every year goes as we plan… so it’s nice to start again. Clean slate. Blank canvas. And we can do whatever we want with it! We can paint whatever masterpiece we like with 2018.

This blog started with an idea that we need to take care of ourselves – body, mind, and soul. So last year, I made some resolutions based off of each of those.

But, I started out last year with this resolution:

From Resolve Well: New Years 2017


I want this year to be the year that I get well. I’ve been sick for such a long time, with varying degrees of chronic fatigue syndrome for five years, two months and counting.


I know that I don’t have much control over this illness, but I do know that I have to set goals and continue to strive for them in order to keep my mind and my soul healthy. My body might give out, but my optimism and my desire to get better should not.

It seemed like a far-fetched goal at the time, and my year was not easy because of chronic invisible illness.

In many ways, 2017 was one of the hardest years of my life… because I just felt hopeless. I felt that I would never get better.

But I did. And 2017 became one of the most rewarding years of my life as well as one of the hardest.

I’m excited to share with you in the next week how that happened.

Whether YOU are sick, lonely, and depressed, OR happy, content, and healthy, I encourage you to set your goals. We all need to be better human beings.

So figure out how you can be better in your body this year. This post may help.

And think about how you can improve your mind and your thoughts. Try this post.

Most importantly, spend time on your soul. I hope this one helps.

At the beginning of 2018, we have no idea what will happen the rest of the year. Much of it will be out of our control. But, we can control our attitude toward life and today is a great day to start out positive.

I’d love to hear some of your New Year’s Resolutions! So check out our Facebook page and leave me a comment!

How to Reflect on 2017

reflecton2017Today marks the end of something. Hopefully, that something – 2017 – was good. We are celebrating the beginning of a New Year, but there’s always a little bit of nostalgia that comes with New Year’s Eve.

When I was younger, I used to stay awake on the eve of my birthday and spend time saying goodbye to that year of my life. It’s quite silly looking back – that a five year old would spend a couple hours laying awake in bed, saying goodbye to a part of her life. But, I love the idea of appreciating what you have had, and what you have now.

It’s possible that appreciating the past – both the good and the bad – will help you move on to something really good. It may bring you closure where you need it. And it might help you let go of the past.

I got better this year from a long run of chronic invisible illness. But there was a lot of hopelessness in the middle. Today, I want to remember both. I want to accept healing and let go of hopelessness.

On Christmas Day, I set out all my presents and I looked at them. I allowed time to be thankful. I knew it was so important to accept all the thoughts and the love that people put into them. It’s important for me to know that people care and to know that I am worth loving. This is one lessons that I’ve learned in 2017 and I want to hold on to it.

With all this in mind, here are four ways that you (and I) can reflect on the past year. It’s pretty simple:

Four Ways to Reflect on Last Year


1) Remember the bad. Let it go.
2) Remember the good. Be grateful.
3) Remember 2017’s lessons to you. Hold on.
4) Look forward to next year. Be excited!

Life gives us pain. It gives us sickness and it gives bad health to those we love.

But, there is hope. Every day is a new day. And every year is just waiting for us to make a fresh start.

Happy 2018, readers.

Ashley Ruth