C.R.O.W.N.E.D: An Anti-Binge List for Self-Care

an anti-binge list for self-care

Those of us who suffer from major sugar addiction (yes, I am soooo one of them) probably have to deal with binging as well. Because if we crave sugar and give into that craving easily, chances are we are eating too much sugar when we indulge the craving.

Last year, we spent a week of “No-Sugar September” talking about eating disorders. We learned about an E.D. called Binge Eating Disorder (BED). People with BED often can’t remember making the actual decision to binge. It just seems to “happen”. This binge behavior is followed by remorse and deep-seated guilt in people with BED.

Even if you don’t struggle with all of the symptoms of BED, we really don’t want live our lives feeling guilty. We certainly don’t need to live in fear of regretting our eating choices.

The goal for all of us is to look and feel healthy.


When I, personally, am about to go on a binging spree, it is sooooo important for me to have my anti-binge list ready and rearing to keep me on the straight and narrow (or really just to keep me from feeling guilty afterward). If I don’t have something good to distract me, I will go through the McDonald’s drive-thru and get hot cakes and a happy meal and then eat it all in ten minutes.

This year, we’ve made a simple acronym so that it’s just a little bit easier to keep perspective. C.R.O.W.N.E.D.

The sound of it makes me feel royal. Royal. You can call me Queen Bee.

CROWNED: An Anti-Binge List









Make your own acronym if you like – whatever works for you. I just like this one. It’s my Anti-Binge List. I can choose what I want to do instead of binging on sugar-filled foods.

Instead of going for McD’s hotcakes, I can CALL, text, or Skype someone on my pre-prepared support list – like my husband, a best friend, or a parent…

Rather than a burger, fries, and ice cream, I can have a good book ready. Because there’s not much better distraction than an action-packed novel to READ. And a nice self-help guide can be a very good support.

Instead of pining for a triple chocolate shake at midnight, I can go ONLINE to any positive site. Like Pinterest, Sevenly, or The Daily Positive, for example. I have made a board on Pinterest just for the occasion – a board filled with only positive quotes, happy pictures, and ways to treat myself. It’s called my “Take Care” board. There’s another board that I look at when I need food that good for me – my “Adrenal Fatigue/CFS Diet/Candida” board.

I will WRITE a list of blessings, an encouraging letter to myself, or a nice letter to someone that I know needs some cheering up.

I need to NOURISH myself, taking care of myself physically. I can take my multivitamins and eat a high protein snack or meal. That way I can feel proud of myself rather than holding on to guilt.

I can do something I truly ENJOY! Like going for a walk and picking flowers – or taking pictures of flowers. I can go to the beach. Or I can go sit at a café and drink coffee. I can do all of the above and get my Vitamin D and my caffeine all in one outing!

I’ll make it a point to DRINK something comforting – something non-alcoholic – like a warm tea (maybe even a chocolate tea…) or some fruit-infused water. I can stay hydrated and help my body out a little bit.

Use CROWNED this upcoming No-Sugar September and the rest of the year. Because when we have a plan in place, we are so much more likely to take care of ourselves – mind, body, and soul.

Friday’s Lies: I Can’t Be Forgiven.

There are some pretty bad things humans can do to one another: Murder, Hurt, Steal, Lie, Cheat, Tease, Bully.

I'm Too ___. (3)And there are some pretty horrible things we can do to ourselves as well: Murder, Hurt, Steal, Lie, Cheat, Tease, Bully. We murder ourselves by suicide, suddenly or gradually by the way we take care of ourselves. We can hurt ourselves mentally, spiritually, and physically. We steal from ourselves by not giving ourselves credit that’s due us – not allowing ourselves to feel pride when we do something good. We lie to ourselves – saying that life is too hard, or that we are too ugly, or that we don’t deserve this or that. We cheat ourselves by taking shortcuts – not getting the education we need or learning life lessons that will benefit us later on. We bully ourselves, calling ourselves names and putting ourselves down.

One of these ways we hurt ourselves is by telling ourselves this lie: I can’t be forgiven. I don’t deserve mercy.

We tell ourselves that we are too bad. We are too far gone. We’ve done too much bad. We’ve bullied too much, cheated too much, hurt too many people, stolen too many hearts.

But, we need to learn the truth. We need to repeat it to ourselves as often and as long as it takes: The best way to move on is to forgive myself. I can do good if I give myself mercy. I can give life to others if I just give it to myself.

You can be forgiven. You can forgive yourself.

Guilt is painful. And once you’ve felt guilt, you know that you’re sorry. When you’re sorry, you can take the next step and forgive yourself.

You don’t have control over others. You may have done something really bad. You may not deserve to be forgiven. But you have to show yourself mercy. It’s one of life’s greatest gifts. There is a reason why mercy exists. We all need it.

Do yourself a favor & forgive. Forgive others, but forgive yourself as well. And the good news is, you may not be the only one big enough to forgive. 🙂