Sanctuary Vision

Purpose & Vision of A.L.S.O.


Purpose Statement

A Little Sanctuary exists as a company whose sole purpose can be wrapped up in morality’s greatest law: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We have been in rough places and wanted support, advice, and community through the hard times. Writing, researching, and creating this blog is our way of helping others the way we wish we could have been helped – body, mind, and soul – physically, mentally, and spiritually.



We have a vision for the future of men and women, not only in New Zealand, but around the world – and we want to develop a community that facilitates that future.


We have a vision for the future of (ALSO). Though we are just beginning, we see in the future a building where Ashley can teach classes and have community groups where women can come together and find help – body, mind, & soul. We want to develop in that building activities, a small gym, a café, and expand later into a place women can find refuge.


We are believers in Jesus, and this fuels our vision for people, the world, and our company. But we welcome all readers and visitors from all religions, socio-economic statuses, worldviews, and any other way we humans classify homo sapiens. If we were exclusive, our purpose would be meaningless.

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