The Taste of Victory

10-reasons-1The trumpets sound in the distance, their brassy noise of triumph echoing across the miles. You feel suddenly taller, less weighed down by the business of today as the excitement builds inside of you, pulsing with the faraway music. The sound of the sharp, confident blasts draws nearer and you smell victory all around you – you see children and men and women turn and look around. All are expectant. Something has happened. You can almost taste the difference as the large curtain of oppression lifts from the air. You used to taste defeat – and oh, how you knew the pallor of it – the stale feel of it. Now you can imagine the taste of victory – soft, warming, inviting, energizing.

It is day 15 of “No Sugar September” and I am allowing myself to imagine what it feels like to be victorious! No refined sugar has entered my body over the past fifteen days, and I know that there are only fifteen more to go.

Though the first two or three days were hard, it seems like the past two or three days have been even more difficult for me. Who really knows why? Maybe it’s taken that long to detox. I was feeling more energetic in the first week or so, but now I’m quite sluggish. We had a large event at church to organize, so I’m hoping it’s just the fatigue that comes after something like that.

It’s important to remind myself that my own power, or lack thereof, of self-control is not the problem when it comes to leaning on sugar and craving sweet things. The problem is often being tired, not eating enough, not taking care of myself.

So if I’m tired today and desperately wanting a chocolate cake, that is okay. I can probably hold it off and resist because I have a whole toolbox of tricks to use against the sneaky clutches of sugar’s arms. I have my weapons. And I use them to reach victory.

And I will reach victory by seeing it in front of me – imagining the sound of trumpets and a detoxed body devoid of fatigue and aches and pains that may very well be fed by refined sugar. I see it in front of me, and I know that I want that – I want to be well. I want to take care of myself. I want to live my life fully. I want to live life fully so that I can help others. I want to make a difference in the world.

And this is one big step.

This will be victory. And I will taste victory every day until I finally reach it.

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