Wife Life Wednesday: 21 Ways My Husband Loves Me


21 waysI really, really enjoy writing “Wife Life Wednesdays”! It’s like my own special way of appreciating my spouse. This week, I finally got nominated for that “Love Your Spouse Challenge” that’s been going around Facebook… so I’ve spent a lot of time looking through photos and thinking extra hard about my husband and how lucky I am to be his wife.

I am sick quite often – Which, in our first year of marriage, hasn’t made things too easy. Mark works hard and also has to take care of me. This invisible illness thing sucks, and I know it must be hard for him as well because he has to do more than he should have to do. But, he never complains.

Thus, today, I thought it would be a good idea to write down a very few of the many, many ways that my husband shows me that he loves me. In effect, the reasons that he is wonderful.

If you’re married, I invite you to make your own list! It’s a way to appreciate your husband whether you feel like he’s doing anything nice for you or not. In most cases, I’d say there’s always something to be thankful for!

21 Ways My Husband Loves Me


1)      He makes me coffee.

2)      When I’m sick, he orders me Pad Thai. And then goes to get it for me.

3)      He shoves medicine down my throat.

4)      He tells me I don’t have to work.

5)      When I’m stressed, he helps me calm down.

6)      When I’m cold, he either builds a fire or turns the heater on.

7)      He makes sure I eat. And he reminds me not to eat sugar.

8)      He works hard – studying to be a nurse, finding odd jobs to pay bills, and dealing with finances.

9)      When I cry, he wants to know what’s wrong. And then he listens.

10)   He tells me that I’m creative.

11)   In the middle of the night, he makes sure I’m tucked in and warm (even if he’s half asleep).

12)   He understands that I need to go out with friends.

13)   My husband teases me… in a good way.

14)   He catches hedgehogs in the garden so I can hold them.

15)   He picks up the slack when I’m not well.

16)   When I’m sick he takes me to the doctor. He even calls to make the appointments.

17)   He does things like the laundry, the cleaning, and the cooking!

18)   He is the rock of our family. He is my rock.

19)   He is patient and kind with me.

20)   He prays with me almost every day.

21)   He reminds me that he needs me.

Your turn! Write your own list and share it with your husband. Better yet, find a way to tell him “thank you” twenty-one days in a row for all the things on your list. He’ll love it, and you’ll love the little smile he gets on his face when you appreciate him. 😉

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